Friday, October 23, 2009

Federal Dog Fighting Case In Detroit, Michigan

Why has this case not been more publicized?

Officers seized 49 "pit bulls" in Lenawee and Huron Counties in June 2009. Warrants were simultaneously executed in both counties. Three men were arrested according to news reports. Federal charges, similar to those brought in the Michael Vick case, were brought against the three men. The cases against the men are still pending, however, at least 2 of the 3 have entered plea agreements and are scheduled for sentencing.

While I hope these people get the punishment they deserve, my question is why have we not heard more about this case? More importantly where are these dogs and what fate awaits them?

About 53 dogs were seized from Michael Vick's property which led to his conviction. 49 were seized here and this case has gone largely unnoticed.

The Humane Society of the United States was involved in the investigation and the seizure of the animals here in Michigan. From what I understand, they were instrumental in determining where the dogs would be housed during the court case. I would hope that the officials at HSUS are looking to afford these animals the same opportunities which were afforded the Vick dogs. While HSUS does not have a real clean track record in dog-fighting cases like this (follow this link for more:, I would like to think that they would do the right thing here and attempt to rehabilitate and rehome these animals if possible. HSUS had supposedly changed its policy in cases like this after it was roundly criticized in the animal welfare community after the Wilkes County massacre.

Nothing has been publicized as to the ultimate decisions regarding the dogs in this case. I just hope to get the word out about it here so that all involved know that the public is watching.

Hopefully, all of these dogs will have the same chance at a future as the Vick dogs. See a success story for one of the Vick dogs here:

Check back for updates on this case.

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  1. Great article Richard. Nice link to the Vick success stories; it is nice to know some good comes out of these situations. Hopefully the authorities involved here in Michigan will make sensible decisions about the dogs seized in Lenawee and Huron counties and try to place the dogs that can be saved in loving homes.