Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Federal Dog Fighting Case- Update

Federal District Court Judge David Lawson sentenced one of the people involved in this case originating out of Huron County to 6 months in prison for his involvement in the case. The other 2 co-conspirators will be sentenced at a later date. From the court filings, it appears that the man will have 2 dogs actually returned to him as well.

One of the big secrets in this case that has not been reported in the limited media coverage is what will be happening to the over 40 dogs seized. The below article reports that some of the dogs will be kept by the Kent County Humane Society.

Federal prosecutors have stated that Michigan State law requires the dogs to be killed if they were involved in a dog-fighting venture. Luckily for some of the dogs, it would appear that Judge Lawson disagreed with that interpretation.

Updates regarding the remaining defendants will be posted when available.

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