Thursday, February 3, 2011


Decided today that it was time to revive this blog. It has been awhile and have been very busy dealing with many issues related to animals in the legal world.

In doing some research recently for a case, I was reviewing numerous news articles throughout Michigan dealing with "pit bulls". While I usually take the articles for what they are worth, the comment section is usually where I learn the most about people's knowledge and feelings toward the breed. In most cases, I am utterly astounded by the ignorance of most people regarding these animals. Rarely, I am actually impressed with someone's knowledge and reasoning regarding issues that arise with the "breed".

In doing some of the work that I do, I have been lucky enough to deal with many experts, locally and nationally, who have experience in dealing with "pit bulls". Over the next month or so, I will try use this space to educate and enlighten people as far as "pit bulls" are concerned. Since I am not an expert on these dogs, by any stretch of the imagination, I will utilize information and tools from people who regularly deal with the bully breeds in hoping to bring a better understanding of these animals. Starting first with a description of what is a "pit bull". I will give you your first is not a breed. I hope you all enjoy.

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  1. You mention,the interest you take in the comments,read them when they appear in Denver or Ontario Canada,the brainwashing by the politicos with the help of the media is incredible.
    I will not debate BSL but to state it is Criminal and should be a jailable offence.
    I beleive BSL has very little to do with the Dogs,they are merely the Victims.It all has to do with Unscrupulous politicians that use it as a Vote-Catcher.All they need is 51% of the Voters to be less than intelligent,and they start the Hate and Fear campaign,no different to what Hitler and his Nazis did,just different Victims.
    Ask Mayor Hinklehooper of Denver how he achieved the keys of the Governor's Mansion of Colorada.
    The only keys that he should have are Cell keys.